Add Teaching Data

Add Teaching Data

If you do not wish to analyse your data by teaching set, then you do not need to import this data. If you are subscribing to Connect Interactive however, we encourage you to submit your teaching sets to get as much as you can from your analysis.

The teaching data import gives you the opportunity to import the subjects your students are studying, their teaching sets, and if you wish, teacher names. Launch the teaching data wizard from the + Add Data in the Teaching Data column Cohorts screen. Importing teaching data and your subjects will also allow the production of Alps generated Minimum Expected Grades (MEGs). 

You will only be able to begin the teaching data wizard once you have completed the + Year Group wizard and prior attainment data has been imported.


You can only have one teaching set and teacher for each subject. You will be able to remove any duplicates during the import process as part of the Remove Duplicates step. If you wish to associate multiple teachers with one teaching set, we recommend using the teacher initials.

During your import, the following articles may also be of use:

Often multiple subjects are taught in the same Teaching Set, if so, then you can duplicate these subjects within the Map Subjects step of the wizard.


Watch from 14 mins 45 seconds for the Teaching Data wizard:


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