Checking your data

Checking your data

The sections detailed below give prompts for elements that may be helpful to check. Information flagged in these sections does not necessarily need to be changed, however we would encourage you to carefully review the information given on this screen to help you ensure that your report is as accurate and error free as possible.

Raw Results gives entries and grade counts for each subject and exam type. Using this  screen, you can check that you have the number of entries and grades you were expecting.

For checking your raw results for KS4 reports, check that there are roughly the same number of maths and English GCSE entries. This should be reasonably close to your student numbers.

Combined science, along with the separate science entries, should roughly equal your number of students.

Check that your entries are what you were expecting, you can do a preliminary check of grades – has anything been missed? Do you have the correct number of U or A* grades?


Click Publish to make your Gradepoint live to see your data in Connect Interactive. This will also automatically run the provider reports for you. You can then download these PDF reports from the 'My Reports' section on the homepage of Connect. 

The next section allows you to check that your student profile has not changed beyond certain thresholds compared to previous data submissions. You can check that your student numbers and average prior attainment are generally consistent with previous Gradepoints.

For checking your student profile: we don’t expect to see large variations in Average GCSE Score from year to year – has this changed unexpectedly? Do you have the right number of disadvantaged students?

Finally, you can check that your subject mappings are consistent with previous Gradepoints. When you import your exam results Gradepoint, you will have no previous data so the Student and Subject sections will contain no comparisons. When you publish your monitoring data however, you will be able to check this against your published Exam Results Gradepoint.

For checking your subjects: have your subjects changed from one year to the next? Is this what you expect, or do you need to remap this subject?

Once you are happy with your data, click Publish to commit your data to the database and publish your Gradepoint, allowing your reports to generate and, if subscribed to Connect Interactive, allowing you and your colleagues to view and interactively analyse the data.



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