Disadvantaged students

Disadvantaged students

This article gives guidance on the Disadvantaged tag used in Connect.

The disadvantaged comparison/filter option is a standard Alps comparison across the whole of the Connect platform. 

It must be centralised for schools and colleges and added to Connect and linked to student IDs via Connect Data. 

Once added, it will allow you to analyse all areas by disadvantaged and non-disadvantaged students. Colleagues in Wales are encouraged to add eFSM students as disadvantaged.  

In England, at both KS4 and KS5 we suggest schools and colleges use the same definition as that used by the DfE. For KS4 this can be found in the Progress 8 technical guide and for KS5 in the L3VA documentation. We have not included a definition here as the DfE can sometimes change the rules.

Remember,  we do not create a disadvantaged student benchmark, the students you tag as ‘disadvantaged’ will be treated as a group of students and their progress will be compared to all students. This is the same approach with the gender or ethnicity categories.

For post-16 providers, you can use your centre’s secure login to the DfE Key to Success website to download a list of students who will be counted as disadvantaged in the KS5 performance tables. You will need to upload a list of the student’s ULNs.


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