Downloading Key to Success data from the DfE for KS4 Imports - England

Downloading Key to Success data from the DfE for KS4 Imports - England

Visit the below website and enter your DfE username and password.

Select the Key to Success application from the options shown.

Choose Searchable Pupil Data from the options on the left.

Paste the UPNs for each student into the box at the bottom. Note that you will need to do this in blocks of 200 as the DfE limits each download to this number.

For each set of UPNs you paste in, you will then need to click the KS2 option to download a CSV file.

Combine the CSV files you have downloaded into one overall file. You do not need to change the format of this file - simply save this and import the file into the prior attainment wizard. Connect Data will calculate the KS2 fine score for you.

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