Editing student data

Editing student data

This article will show you how to make edits to the student data you have imported. You can make edits individually, using the Edit Student screen, or in bulk, using either merge or overwrite.

  1. Editing individual students
  2. Bulk updates – merge and overwrite

Once you have imported your Year Group you can go back and make amends to individual students, or make bulk updates and amends, such as importing an additional custom column or updating multiple teaching sets. To begin any edits, you need to navigate to the Year Group in the Students section. You can do this by clicking in the Year Group in the Year Group summary bar, or using the drop down lists on the Students page.

Deleting students, individually or in bulk, will remove all instances of that student from Connect Data – teaching sets, personalised targets, previous monitoring points and exam results.


Editing individual students

To edit a student, click on the pencil icon to the right of the student entry.


This will open the Edit Student page. From this page you can amend or add student information, or change tabs to subject information to change the subjects, teaching sets or grades for that student.

Remember to Save, and republish your Gradepoint(s).


Bulk updates – merge and overwrite

To edit information for multiple students at once, please click on the Import Additional Data button on the Students screen.


This will open a window which gives two options, Update and marge or Overwrite and replace. You will likely be using Update and merge most frequently, as this will allow you to import a spreadsheet containing a subset of data with changes, such as amended teaching sets for certain subjects. The application will then find the changes, apply these to the existing data, and leave any unamended data.

Overwrite and replace will delete any data that exists in your current data, but is not in your new import file. We anticipate this being used less frequently, however it gives the option to essentially start again without completely deleting all Year Group and Grades data.


Selecting the type of data you wish to update will launch the appropriate wizard. In the example below I am updating my study year column in my teaching sets, and the two images show the different outcomes when using Update and merge and Overwrite and replace.





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