Publish your gradepoint

Publish your gradepoint

After importing your grades, you need to publish the Gradepoint. The Publish step is the final series of checks, and completing this step will allow you to see your data in Connect Interactive.

It will also automatically run the provider reports for you, and these reports will then be available from the 'My Reports' section on the homepage of Connect.

While the Monitoring and Exam Results wizards are very similar, the products of the wizards are quite different. The Exam Results wizard will produce a Gradepoint from which you can run your End of Year report, and the Monitoring wizard will produce Gradepoints that will appear in Connect Interactive.

From the Gradepoints screen, please click Check & Publish for your Gradepoint to go to a screen that will allow you to complete some final checks of your data.


KS5 Exam Results have been imported, but are not yet published.

Please see our best practice article for tips on using the Check & Publish screen.


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